Medyanın birey, toplum ve kültür üzerine etkileri

Ali Arslan


This paper aims to analyse the influence of media on individuals, culture and society. It is a common reality for all the researchers that media recreate, reshape, reproduce and interpret the existing social forms, social relations and social order. It is not only the tools of entertaining and also one of the most effective way to influence and change attitudes and behaviours of the individuals. The symbols, gestures, numbers, words, pictures, signs are not only carry messages, but also they create and interpret the human world. 

It is very clear to everybody that mass media serves very substantial and useful  communication services to the people. Nevertheless, there is the other side of the coin that mass media may be used as a very powerful tool of propaganda or weapon of brainwashing on mass scale. Also, media may be used for cultural domination or threat the cultural identity. Media may have some affect on loss of national cohesion.


Medya, Sosyalizasyon, Karşı-Sosyalizasyon Ajanı, İletişim, Kültür, İçerik Analizi, Suni Gündem, Tutum-Davranış Araştırmaları.

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